Cassino Narciso

1914 — 2003

Narciso is the Italian sculptor and painter. He was born in Candia Lomellina. He graduated fr om the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, wh ere his mentors were Aldo Carpi and Francesco Messina. Throughout his life engaged in sculpture: monumental and small forms.

The first Cassino exhibition took place in 1936. In 1942 he received the prize of the Venice Biennale. In 1951 he was awarded the national award in the field of sacred art in the nomination "sculpture" in Alessandria (Piedmont) and in 1953 marked a similar prize in Milan. In 1960 Narciso Cassino was awarded the gold medal of the Ministry of Education at the Autunno Piemontese exhibition in Turin. He received the Piedmont Prize as part of the same exhibition in 1966. The author of the monumental sculptural group Mater Dei on the roof of the cathedral bell tower in the city of Tortona.

Cassino's works are in the Museum of Modern Art in Milan, Vatican City, the Dante Museum in Ravenna and in numerous private collections.

Author's Works

Cassino Narciso, 1950